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By: Jeff da Vinci

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Friday, 9-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Koleq debating team= from zero to hero!!

Ini ke rupe orang yang 3rd Malaysia?? hahahah!! GOod job man
Everyone was against afiq.. that's the rule.. Now things change!
Comelnyer.. comel comel!! bukan hairul ler.. Shafizan!!
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Damn, I am so proud of them!! To be with pojue, afiq, izzat and emo since I was in form 2, then the next year zaim and hairul joined the team, and now.. biler dah kluar koleq.. I still feel connection with them. Banyak betul kenangan kite dah share same2... let me quote some.. "This is the best potato bread in my entire life," "No no na na.. I will survive" (Sambil tengok ape yang jadik kat belon yang kitorang tiup), "Wah.. Hilmi ngan Hairul lagi rendah dari Hamizul ngan Hairul.. habislah" (sambil main cross cross kat blackboard) "uwkk,uwekkk.. aleq aleq stop keta.. ader orang ngandung," "bangun pagi.. garu garu...." all of these kenangan dengan my debater team yang dah kenal lame dah kat koleq.. I wish them all the best.. They did very well in UIA interschool debate and I believe that they will achieve better in PPM!!!

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I miss everything!!!

2002.. Memory with Prep shool's prefect
I gonna miss my classmate forever!!
The moment of tears..
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Wow.. this is my first time to enter this blog. I am quite nervous.. I am stuck.. Dunno what to write!! Perhaps, I should share to you what I am currently doing at home. Actually, I am kind of shame to tell you what I am doing right now after receiving my SPM result because I totally do nothing at home. Luckily I have my sis's Kancil car with me. And my driving license of course.!! Everyday, I will give the same excuse to my parents, "I have to practice driving since I just got my driving license." So, you can see me inside a kancil drive everywhere I want, everyday. Even Shaz was stunned to see me in front of his house during my second time driving in a highway. And I am the one who shock when I realized that I reached Sunway Pyramid last Monday. Whatever it is, with this kind of life at home, I totally miss all the moment at koleq.. Miss everything!! Miss my friends.. Miss all kind of teachers there.. Miss my cube... Miss my juniors.. and even miss my religious class!! So.. that's all about me for this time being. I hope I will be active with this blog.. You know me, always use one thing for 2-3 weeks before start to ignore it (boring lah katekan).. For anyone out there who is reading this and know me, I just wanna tell you that I miss you so much!!!


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